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Who We Are


Partnership Members

Our members move us forward! With a vision of collective impact for thriving and equitable Panhandle communities, Panhandle Partnership members collaborate in the development of creating opportunities for enhancing family and community life in Western Nebraska. 

If you or your organization are interested in becoming a member of Panhandle Partnership as we strive to be a catalyst for collaboration and change, fill out the form below! 

Membership List



  • Cindy Osborne
  • Julie Eckland
  • Katie Samples Dean
  • Kimberly Dreyer
  • Roger Wess
  • Shawna Rischling
  • Sonjia Serda

To become a member of Panhandle Partnership, start by filling out this form. Someone will be in touch with you to provide you with more information and to get you acquainted with the Partnership. Membership dues are $100 for an organization and $25 for an individual and follow a calendar-year cycle. 

Benefits of membership include continuous communication with other members, opportunities for networking and leadership development, committee and workgroup involvement, annual voting on bylaws and board of directors, and the opportunity to further your organization’s reach through the Partnership’s robust digital listserv.