Greater Good Fund Grant

*If you are interested in submitting a grant application, please contact Faith Mills at*


The Panhandle Partnership announces Greater Good grants designated for community-based projects which require a one-time infusion to launch and can demonstrate sustainability.  The Greater Good sub-grants may be used for community capacity enhancement, construction, renovation, or purchase/improvement of a property or equipment.  Greater Good grants are not used for operations.

Basic criteria for all Greater Good projects will include:

  1. Projects incorporate/address at least two of the nine Common Wealth resources (see below).
  2. Project is undertaken through a demonstrated open, inclusive collaboration.
  3. Project is based on a community planning process which includes an assessment and data driven demonstration of need or benefit.
  4. Collective impact is used to braid resources.
  5. Project benefits all citizens of the community.
  6. Project can be sustained without further grant infusions

Common Wealth

The Common Wealth resources of the Panhandle have been identified through multiple assessments and planning processes, including through a regional social entrepreneurship work group:

  • People: The people of the Panhandle have long known how to survive in the rugged land. The diverse people of the Panhandle, from the first inhabitants to recent immigrants, are bound together by a commitment to family, independence and a strong work ethic.
  • Intergenerational Relationships: Community life, skills and resources are enhanced by sharing and communication between age groups.
  • Technology Infrastructure: Fiber optic networks, education and health telecommunication systems link the region. From tech savvy youth to seniors, the region is connected to the world.
  • Central Hub: At the center of the United States, the Panhandle is a crossroads of interstate travel and railroads.
  • Agricultural Foundation: The region provides food for the nation that instills a commitment to quality food available in local communities.
  • Natural Habitats and Ecosystems: Varied terrain provides habitats for thriving ecosystems of plants wildlife.
  • Water: The Nebraska Panhandle is located on top of the Ogallala aquifer the region, providing quality drinking water to all its inhabitants.
  • Wide Open Spaces: There is room for growth and room for solitude.
  • Quality of Life: A community commitment to maintain the quality of life based on environmental responsibility and respect for people

Who can apply:

Greater Good funds are available to not for profit organizations or government entities within the eleven counties of the Panhandle of Nebraska. Groups seeking to operate a non-profit social enterprise business should also review the Investment and Innovation fund.

Amount of Awards:

The amount and nature of funds available will be specific to the scope and viability of the project.  In general, however, funds are available as a one-time sub-grant and in general do not exceed $50,000.

Required Match:

All funds must be matched 100% by existing or new project equity including real estate, construction or renovation, equipment, and financial investment.

Funding Criteria:

Funding decisions for Greater Good projects will be made based on the following criteria:

  1. Community Based Plan

Project is based on a community planning process which includes an assessment and data driven demonstration of need or benefit as demonstrated by:

  • Overview of the planning process that was undertaken including: purpose of the planning process, entity which undertook the planning, inclusion of community members in the planning.
  • Review of data which resulted in identifying the need for the project
  1. Open and Inclusive Collaboration

The application clearly identifies that the project is undertaken through a demonstrated open, inclusive collaboration by:

  • The application clearly identifies the entity under which the project was organized.
  • The application identifies any other similar groups who in the area who might undertake a similar project.
  • The application narrative identifies the inclusive collaborative process through which the project was designed including items such as number of meetings or events held, dates and times of same, number of attendees, a roster of participants and the number of meetings they attended. OR, where applicable the narrative may describe the manner in which the community is included in decisions through membership and shared leadership.
  • Application clearly identifies efforts that were taken and will be sustained to include persons of various demographics of the community including: socio-economic back ground, age ranges, and racial and ethnic backgrounds.
  • History of any similar projects along with lessons learned and strengths gained.
  1. Project Description and Goals
  • Overview of the proposed project
  • Proposed benefit to the community of the project.
  • Description of how the project benefits, or will impact, all citizens of the community.
  • Project timeline including any work already undertaken and work still to be completed.
  • Project goals and measures for obtaining goals.
  1. Common Wealth Resources to be Addressed
  • Application clearly defined two or more Common Wealth Resources which will be impacted.
  • Application provides data of the current concern and projects through data and goals the impact on the Common Wealth Resources.
  1. Financial Plan
  • Comprehensive Project Budget for completion of budget
  • Budget clearly indicates other resources obtained or committed for the project.
  1. Evaluation
  • How will the project be evaluated?
  • How will the community know that it has made a good investment?
  1. Sustainability Plan

Project can be sustained without further grant infusions.

  • How will the project be sustained?
  • If there is an operational budget for the project please identify how these costs will be met on an ongoing basis?

Application Process

Applications for Greater Good grants are received by February 28th and August 31st each year.  Awards are made by April 1 and October 1 of each year.

Submit Applications

Applications are submitted electronically by 5:00 PM MT on the due date through Panhandle Partnership Greater Good Grants application portal.


*If you are interested in submitting a grant application, please contact Faith Mills at*